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December 2000
Free Monthly Project
Sunbonnet Pin Cushion

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To make this pincushion you'll need:

  • a piece of cardboard, cut into a 5" diameter circle
  • a square of fabric 10 1/2 " x 10 1/2" for the brim
  • a square of fabric 5" x 5" for the center
  • a "fistful" of stuffing - polyfill or batting scraps
  • two elastic bands
  • needle and thread
  • A piece of ribbon - 1/2" wide x 12" or so

Use a compass to draw a circle with a 5" diameter on the cardboard.  Cut out the circle

Place the circle on the wrong side of the fabric in the center of the 10 1/2" square.  Draw the fabric up around the circle, taking care to gather the fabric evenly.  Use one of the rubber bands to hold the fabric tightly.

Place the wad of stuffing on the wrong side of the fabric in the center of the 5" square.  Draw the fabric up around the stuffing.  Fasten this with the other rubber band.

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Using a contrasting color of thread, go in and out through the fabric, securing the pleats around the circle.  Make sure to go under the elastic band with each stitch.  Once you have secured the fabric around the circle, knot and tie off the thread.  Remove the elastic band. 

Because you used a contrasting thread color, you should be able to cut off the tail of fabric close to the stitches.  Be careful not to cut the stitches that hold the pleating in place.

Do the same sewing on the pincushion center.  Remove the rubber band and trim away the excess fabric.

Place the two together, with their raw edges touching.  Using thread that will blend in with the fabric, sew the two together.  Tie a ribbon around and tack it in a few places.

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The floral sample is a vintage pincushion.  A small ring was sewn onto the edge so it could be hung.  I omitted the hanger from my version. 


Kim Bunchuck